Jim Christian is an author, educator and consultant.

I’m a web developer, business/IT consultant, entrepreneur and one half of James Dean Digital, where we help companies define and design meaningful and successful digital experiences. I also co-run Fire Tech Camp Australia, where we teach kids how to do awesome things with technology.

With over twenty years experience ranging from small to enterprise level. I pride myself on working closely with people to help them better understand and build their confidence with technology.

On Meditation

While I’m in the midst of writing a book about productivity and technology tools, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some form of mediation as a most important tool.
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Mastering IT Productivity in the Workplace

New ebook: Mastering IT Productivity in the Workplace

Years ago I started giving a talk to help small business owners adopt and adapt to technology tools that could help take the strain off day-to-day work. While I intended to turn that presentation into a newsletter and eventual online course, I found myself taken into...
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