iOS7 – Siri, Safari & Website Restrictions (iBooks)

Years spent working with parents, students and educators and technology demonstrated that there is a huge knowledge gap when it comes to administrating devices – particularly at home and in 1:1 deployment scenarios.

This book highlights three core components of Apple’s iOS – Siri, Safari and Website Restrictions, demonstrating how they work together to prevent users from accessing unpleasant content.

I have four young children who all use apple devices so decided to read this book to make sure I was doing everything I could be doing to keep them safe. Within minutes I had installed restrictions that I didn’t know I could. As a parent it is our responsibility to read this book and keep it on the bookshelf for future reference. The book is easy to read, easy to follow & a must buy – worth every cent.

rogerandemma (iBookstore Review)

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How to Code in Minecraft (with Dennis Publishing)

My second book with Dennis PUblishing teaches kids how to run their own Minecraft server, link Minecraft to Scratch and Python to create 3D shapes and minigames, then install a modpack to program computers using Lua! Three different programming languages, one game – so many possibilities!

… it’s so much fun along the way that it’s an excellent example of what I call “stealth learning”. Sure, you could give kids lessons on those topics, but they’ll be way more engaged if they’re setting traps, setting off fireworks, and creating their own in-game games! Instructions are clear with an abundance of colorful illustrations.

Bob Irving (Amazon review)

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Mastering IT Productivity in the Workplace

My most recent book takes all that I have learned in nearly two decades of working in IT support, consulting and running small businesses. I take some of the best techniques and trends and hone them down to the most essential skills so that small business owners can take control of their time and devices and run their businesses more efficiently.

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