Launching a new initiative and podcast

For a long time I’ve had trouble organsing and executing on the various ideas that pop in to my head. Then in the last year or so I learned that’s due to undiagnosed ADHD, and eventually, Adult ADHD.

Understanding all of that relieved some of my stress, allowing me to begin utilizing the knowledge I have gained from my extensive experience in education, technology, security, and unintentional writing, and focus on refining it into a final product.

So today is the ‘soft’ launch of and it’s associated podcast, “Empowering Your Digital Future”:

Welcome to “Empowering Your Digital Future,” the podcast that offers expert insights and practical tips to help you stay safe and secure online.

Each episode is a bite-sized, easy to understand discussion on the latest trends, threats, and best practices in the world of cybersecurity and technology use. We explore a wide range of topics, including data privacy, cybercrime, identity theft, online fraud, and more.

if you’re looking for expert insights on cybersecurity, tech, latest trends and best practices, tune in to “Empowering Your Digital Future” today!

I started podcasting back in 2003, with “The Posithink Podcast”, which, structureless (and we now know why, of course) eventually lost direction and blithered out. Now, about two decades later, I’m ready to try again.

Have a listen, won’t you?

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