This is a guide I’ve been working on using Paper by Fifty Three on the iPad. We’ve put a couple of Apple TVs in at my campus, and I wanted a fun way to demonstrate to staff how they could use it to mirror their own iPads – and give them a little inspiration along the way. Besides, nothing is more boring than written documentation and screenshots these days. The guide took a month or so on and off. I started it while on a trip to ECIS Vienna, and would have finished sooner but had to wait three weeks for replacement nibs for my Wacom Bamboo stylus (Amazon UK). I found I just couldn’t get the kind of detail I was after just using my fingers. I also didn’t tie myself down to any deadlines and worked on it while watching tv on the couch, or on a lunch break.

In the end, I think I might wait until the new school year to roll it out. With only a few weeks left in the last Term, there’s not much of a point when teachers are concentrating on report writing. I might even use it as a storyboard to something more interactive, such as an iBook with embedded videos over the summer.