Principal Tricia Kelleher says: “The digital world requires teachers, like everyone else, to work differently.”
The Stephen Perse Foundation, one of the country’s highest achieving schools, has been experimenting with digital learning, with every pupil having their own iPad.

A great example of an educational institution embracing not just the physical technology, but the methods that make it work best for their students and teachers. iTunes U is a great resource, available to just about everybody and works not only on iOS devices but also on Macs. Look for another tablet/PC provider that’s doing anything similar and you won’t find them.
Says Aisling Brown, the digital education officer at Stephen Perse Foundation:

Several people have been asking about buying a tablet, for different reasons. There are many excellent tablets out there, of varying prices and capabilities. However, if you are at all interested in using the tablet for educational purposes, I would go for the iPad. While other tablets such as the Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy may offer several of the same or similar apps that the iPad provides, there is no equivalent to the iTunes U app.