One of W’s Xmas gifts this year was a cool remote control Mini Cooper car. The front and back lights come on depending on which direction the car moves in, and it’s pretty solidly built. However, the remote control doesn’t stand up to the toddler test. One drop and the aerial came away internally inside the main remote control module, and that’s after just one day of (relatively) gentle playing.

Cracking it open revealed that the base plate it screws into also had come away from the internal wiring. The wire bridging the gap was also too short to strip with my Leatherman, without me either severing my finger or, even worse, the wire so I decided to replace the wire altogether with something a bit sturdier.
After a look around the office I found some jumper wires in my MakeyMakey box and decided that one of those would be long and sturdy enough to keep the circuit intact.

A quick solder job later and the remote was good to go again, just like new! Unfortunately the base plate for the aerial came away again the following day, putting the aerial at a slant, but the circuit held. Opening it back up, I secured it with some tape. If it happens again I’ll have to get some Sugru.