Dragon Choices is a simple, four-choice game created in Twine.

<h1>Dragon Choices</h1><h5>A short adventure game by <a href="https://www.jimchristian.net" target="_blank">Jim Christian</a></h5>You find yourself in the middle of a clearing in the forest. The light shines brightly above you. Directly in front of you is a large, red dragon. It notices your presence sits up and regards you impassively.What choice will you make?1. [[Run|Run]]2. [[Attack the dragon|Attack]]3. [[Attempt to befriend the dragon|Befriend]]4. [[Attempt to sneak past the dragon|Sneak]]Your instincts kick in, triggering a fight or flight response. You pivot on your heel facing the way you came and make a break for it.The dragon's inherent responses kick in as well, and unfortunately for you, it's much much faster than you are.Or <u>were</u>, as the case may be.(display: "gameOver")Your instincts kick in, triggering a fight or flight response. Making your face a mask of pure aggression, you charge the dragon, screaming at the top of your lungs and brandishing your longsword.The dragon yelps, turns tail and scatters, leaving a small pool of fluid in the place where it once rested.Years from now evidence will come to light from surveillance footage depicting how you attempted to attack a lizard with a broom handle in an alley after eating some bad potato salad.(display: "gameOver")Making low clucking sounds with your tongue and never looking away from the dragon's intense stare, you move steadily towards it, lowering your head in an act of non-agression.The dragon smiles, you smile back and in an instant the world stops as man and beast become one with each other and the universe.In the next instant the dragon makes a mental note that not only did you have a great smile, but you also tasted delicious.(display: "gameOver")You <em>attempt</em> to blend into your surroundings in order to sneak past the dragon. Out of the corner of your eye you notices it lowers its head lazily and shuts its eyes.As you successfully sneak past it and back into the forest, you hear it utter in a dark, grumbling yet tired voice: <h4>"(font:"papyrus")[Whatever, man.]"</h4>You're pretty sure you can hear the dragon's eyes rolling in its head as well.(display: "gameOver")<img src="http://www.jimchristian.net/games/twine/dragon.png" align="center"></img>GAME OVER[[Do you want to try again?|What Will You Do?]]

Music: Dazed by AirTone