I spent some time last week playing around with Twine, the interactive fiction building app, as a means of exploring computational thinking with young people. A couple of kids looking over my shoulder asked what was up with what I was doing. I showed them an example ‘Four Choices’ story, where the player encounters a dragon and is asked to decide upon one of four available choices to change their situation.

Dragon Choices
Dragon Choices

As simple proof-of-concept, Dragon Choices isn’t anything terribly special, but the kids who played liked the writing and the medium behind it, and asked me to put it online so that they could look at it when they got home. Hence why it appeared on the website last week in a rather rushed state.

Dragon Choices (web) features the following:

  • a simple five passage story
  • an embedded music soundtrack
  • embedded picture

However as I was doing more exploring and research last week I came across Adobe’s PhoneGap Build, which enables the user to create native mobile apps out of HTML, Javascript and CSS files. Since Twine exports these three formats exclusively, porting Dragon Choices to iOS seemed like a no-brainer. You can see a demo of it on iOS below.

If you’d like to test Dragon Choices v.1 on Android or Windows phone yourself, then please follow this link or scan in the QR code below (iOS versions are currently coded to my own development devices).

I changed up the style somewhat on the iOS version, adding the following features:

  • FontAwesome
  • Google Fonts

and removing the picture.

What I’m quite fond of with PhoneGap Build is how you can link your app directly to your GitHub repo, so that pushing builds up is quick and easy.

Scan the image below to view Dragon Choices on your mobile device.