“Elmer Fudd loses his wight to bear arms” along with Yosemite Sam for the relaunched Looney Tunes streaming in HBO Max. “There is still plenty of “cartoon violence”, Browngardt says reassuringly, acknowledging that the whole thing is based on conflict. So there’s dynamite and explosions, while Elmer’s shotgun has been replaced with a scythe.” I remember seeing the scythe last year, but didn’t clock that it was taking the place of a gun. Still, good for them. 👏

‘We’re not doing guns’: Elmer Fudd loses his wight to bear arms
Bugs Bunny’s enemies Fudd and Yosemite Sam have been stripped of their weapons in the relaunched Looney Tunes cartoon series. Good news for wabbits

Unicorn Theatre is filming African tales from home during lockdown, and steaming them for free on YouTube. Aimed at kids 3-8, Anansi the Spider Re-spun it is a joy to watch. The actors are superb, the production slick and engaging for home production and “I am Brother Anansi” is a delightful earworm. It brings a genuine smile to my face and we’re all enjoying it.

Unicorn Theatre
The Unicorn is the UK’s leading theatre for young audiences, producing an eclectic and surprising programme of work year-round for children aged 6 months to …

Protect the Queen! At all costs!
Protect the Queen! At all costs!

On a whim over the weekend I got Hive Pocket, a tile-based strategy game that can go in my day bag. TanookiRiot and I played our first game of it yesterday afternoon. I’ll do a followup post later on, but in short it was fun and engaging, complex in the right places and I can see us playing more when we get past testing it out and start playing to actually beat one another.

Hive Pocket – Shut Up & Sit Down Review
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Secure the inner gate! At all costs!

And finally: we also started playing Minecraft Dungeons together at the weekend. Nothing has brought me closer to the same role playing video game experience with my friends than this has. The two of us teamed up on Saturday and Sunday morning and hacked and slashed our way around. Just plain fun.

Minecraft Dungeons is a lighter, more family-friendly take on Diablo
Minecraft Dungeons is the latest spinoff of the bestselling series from Mojang and Microsoft, adding a Diablo-like RPG twist that’s available on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.