I spent a good 30 minutes traumatising a young boy the other night. I untied his shoelaces, and when he started to give chase, he fell over on his face. So I stole his glasses. I honked and chased him around the high street until he became so stressed out that he shut himself in a phone booth. I was a horrible goose.
I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was first announced, certain that it was going to be a hit – and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed in the least. I’m starting to wonder if playing Untitled Goose Game gives more psychological insight to the player’s inhibitions than going full tilt Grand Theft Auto.

My friends all tried to warn me but I just can’t stay away.

Even the music is non-typical and playful, as Dami Lee writes at The Verge:

One of the highlights of House House’s Untitled Goose Game (…) is the adaptive soundtrack of Debussy’s Preludes. The playful piano music almost provides a kind of insight into the goose’s mind — the melody plays in quiet, short bursts when it’s up to no good, creeping up on its next victim. When the goose is in full chaos mode, waddling away from the gardener who just wants his keys back, the piano tune plays out in full, encouraging the player to keep up the shenanigans.


An absolute masterpiece spun from a workplace Slack joke


This game is such a delight to play, my Nintendo Switch backlog is going to be resting for a while.  #honk