My family and I don’t use social media for pictures of the kids. Instead, we rely on a shared album amongst family and close friends which we update on a regular basis. It’s become even more essential during Covid to share the little bits of fun and joy we have now and again.

This automation triggers every morning and changes my wallpaper from one of the photos in the Family Shared album, which also doubles as a ‘Favourites’ of sorts. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to link into the Favourites album – at least not that I can see yet. Update: you can choose ‘Is Favourite’ from the Get command.

Every morning at five am (read: at a time where I’m nowhere near likely to be awake) this automation does the following:

  1. Find All Photos that exist in the Family Shared album
  2. Pick a Random item from the photos selected
  3. Set the Lock Screen wallpaper to the Random photo selected in the previous step
  4. Don’t request permission to run.

The only caveat has to do with aspect ratio some days, but other than that, it’s a really simple automation that anybody can do, for a fresh home screen every morning.