We have two of these little Bluetooth speakers with a built-in carabiner clip that I bought at the beginning of the summer, and use them every day. I have one that goes with me on my bag to work (where I torment my colleagues with classic rock🤘), and Tanooki has one that he uses with his iPod Nano to listen to his favourite TV programmes that I’ve ripped to digital audio.
It’s waterproof with a 10-hour battery and feels safe enough to drop. I’ve had  Bluetooth speakers from other manufacturers that are too ‘fashionable’ to be used safely around kids – not so with the Clip. The weight is light and the sound quality is decent enough. The micro USB (cable supplied) and AUX ports are snugly hidden behind a recessed flap on the lower rim. There are playback and volume controls on the surface and there isn’t any noticeable responsiveness lag when I start/stop playback from my phone. There’s speakerphone functionality but I haven’t had call (heh) to use it yet.

I use it in the car when I’m out and about, at choir to help listen to choral arrangements, and it’s especially handy in our kitchen when I’m trying to watch a film against the aural backdrop of the 🛫 Heathrow flightpath 🛬.
When we walk to school and I need a “carrot and stick” to get Tanooki out the door, I can clip it onto the lower strap of my backpack, so that it’s in range of his head and it doesn’t disturb anyone else as we listen and dance to the LEGO Movie soundtrack through the park in the mornings. It’s also been a good motivator when trying to get home from the playground when suddenly everything’s not awesome.🙀

I’m a fan – and if you’re looking for an inexpensive (around £35) rugged portable speaker with decent battery life that’s easy to use, then chances are you will be too. You can buy one from . (Affiliate link)