At certain times during the day, I just want to read something on my iPad. What I don’t want to do is have to travese folders on my device just to read what I want – especially with reading content spread across so many different apps and locations.

I wanted one central location to be able to read the following:

  1. Specific “book” apps, like MAKE Magazine and Master Your DSLR Camera that live outside of the iOS Newsstand app
  2. Specific magazines that reside inside the Newsstand app, like the US and UK versions of Wired magazine.
  3. Kindle
  4. iBooks
  5. My list of articles in Pocket
  6. Comics in Comic Zeal

The majority of these apps already live on my home screen (although Newsstand obscures content by being a ‘app/folder’ hybrid), but they no longer have to thanks to Launch Center Pro. Using lists (new in version 2.1) and a trick to get LCP to launch itself (borrowed from this article by Nathan Henrie), I was able to create a list of just the apps I wanted.

Not every app has a known URL scheme, even though there are directories online attempting to map them all. I used this article on StackOverflow to read the correct string inside the Info.plist file for the apps I had difficulty with, such as those within Newsstand.

LCP Code

launchpro://?url=[[list:What Would You Like to Read?|Kindle=kindle://|Pocket=pocket://|DSLR=fb208920479281033://| Comics=cbi://|iBooks=itms-books://|Wired US=fb217129678410744://|Wired UK=dps.fc7bf0822da54744baf4e966a03cc52e://|MAKE=dps.c366ef95-f15a-5306-92d1-e6a850f5c8da://]]