Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: a duck walks up to a lemonade stand and he says to the man running the stand “Hey! Got any grapes?”

You might know of The Duck Song. I had heard of it from some students on a safari trip with me around ten years ago. They would recite and sing it on long jeep drives to keep themselves in good spirits. I passed it off as another internet novelty, not knowing that there was a huge body of music work from the song’s creator, Bryant Oden.

Fast forward to now, where we have kids and my partner has discovered it too. Needless to say, we’ve been listening to it, as well as parts 2, 3 and the disco party mix non-stop for a few weeks.

Oden has four albums under the Songdrops handle on both Apple Music and Spotify, with plenty of good sing-a-long songs for you and your pre-schooler.

Of note (aside from The Duck Songs):

  • I Got A Pea
  • Striper the Kitty
  • Please Don’t Pee in the Pool
  • The Cat Song

Bryant Oden on Apple Music | Spotify