Last summer I picked up a N30 Pro wireless controller from 8BitDo to do some retro gaming on my Surface Pro 4. A few months later when I traded in my PS4 for a Nintendo Switch I was pleased to see that the controller also worked with the Switch.

I love the designs, reminiscent of consoles from my childhood. We’re planning on doing some four player Mario Kart 8 with my family on Xmas Day, so Tanooki got to choose a new controller for us to buy – a Xmas present to ourselves. With the existing controller and the two Joy-Cons, we can have three players, so just one more controller takes us up to the max the Switch will support.

He chose the SN30 Pro, with chunkier shoulder buttons, and a colour-way akin to the Super Nintendo. It’s my new favourite too, but I’ve hardly had an opportunity to wrestle it off him yet!

The controllers are moderately priced. You can get two for just slightly more than you might pay for the official Nintendo Pro controller. The majority of the 8BitDo range works on Windows, Mac, Switch, Raspberry Pi, Steam and Android.