In London, we haven’t got the clearest view of the skies (especially when the weather is as bad as it’s been), but when it’s a clear night and there’s time before dinner, Tanooki and I go out to the hammock and watch the stars start to appear in the sky. We started doing this last summer, and after a while, I started using Star Walk, an AR stargazing app to show him where stars and planets were likely to appear.
Being three, however, Tanooki would rather be hands-on with a device the whole time, so it’s a difficult task to show him what’s above him in the sky at the moment vs looking at the entire known universe on my phone.
But that’s where our telescope comes in. A few years ago, my partner gifted me a Skywatcher Dobsonian telescope. It’s meant for deep-sky searching, and on occasion, I’ve been able to get a glimpse of Jupiter and three of the Gallilean moons.
So last night when the phone was out, Tanooki wanted to look at the constellations. Instead of using the phone, we went outside to get the telescope out. The skies were too bright to see much more than the moon, but the Orion and Cassiopeia constellations were pretty visible. All the other planets were below the horizon unfortunately but we did get some great shots of the moon. Here’s a shot through the lens with my iPhone.