Jim Christian

Jim Christian

Digital consultant, author and dad.

By day I'm a digital consultant, writer, and creator of tech curriculum. I co-founded FireTech Australia, a technology camp teaching kids how to make awesome things with technology and build 21st century skills.

I've spent most of my working life either working in technology and education, or privately consulting across as wide a business spectrum as I can experience. I'm a Certified Ethical Hacker, a fully ordained Reverend of the Universal Life Church, a charter member of the British Computing Society, and a tenor in the Chase Bridge Community Choir. I've written two books, the most recent of which was shortlisted (and subsequent runner-up) for an Educational Author's Award. 

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Email :📫 hello (at) jimchristian.net

Consulting services :💻 JA Christian Consulting

Digital playground :🐴 Horse Services


📖 How to Think Like a Code: Without Even Trying! 

Batsford / 2017

This accessible, fun book goes right back to the very basics, teaching central concepts such as loops, data types, pseudocode and calculations without having to learn a single line of code! Using fun and straightforward exercises, you will practise key skills such as critical thinking, creativity, logic and problem-solving and begin to think like a coder without even turning on your computer

Designed to be a thorough yet lighthearted introduction for the complete beginner, How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying! is an essential addition to any keen programmer’s bookshelf.

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📖 How to Code in Minecraft

Dennis Publishing - 2016

This guide includes everything you need to know to start coding in Minecraft, and I promise you a gripping adventure! You can plan, create and publish an app in a couple of hours using nothing more than a web browser. There is very little that can limit our technological creativity, bar these coding skills that everyone is going on about. Learning these skills through Minecraft makes it fun and easy to understand

The projects in this book build upon one another, helping you strengthen concepts from exercise to exercise. You will learn how to run your own server, link Minecraft to Scratch and Python to create 3D shapes and mini-games, then install a mod pack to program computers using Lua! Three different programming languages, one game so many possibilities!

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