A Horse Named House

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now, and boy is it fun. I’ve written about the Switch Zelda games previously, and I had a nice surprise this week when visiting one of the various stables in the Hyrule region.

In the previous game, 2017’s Breath of the Wild, once you tame a horse and register it at the stable, you can give it a name and call on it at various stables throughout the region. Riding the horse helps you traverse the game a little more speedily and also, in retrospect, helps you to marvel at the fact that there are no loading screens as you move from one side of the map to the other. But I digress.

My son helped me name our first horse, House. Yes, he wa absolutely certain that he wanted to name the horse House, and after checking an absolute third time, House is what we named the house, er, horse.

So imagine my happiness upon realising that House (and his companion Sally) were doing well in the stables of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom when I played the game this week. It’s such a little touch in a massive game, but sometimes little touches are what can make a large difference.

IMG 7043
Hello, old friend.

Funeral For a Duck

A friend of mine recently had someone make a copy of her Facebook profile, and then started making friend requests, which I mistakenly accepted. After doing so, a mutual friend and I noticed and reached out to alert her on her other account, and then I decided to start having some fun with the scammer.

Launching a new initiative and podcast

For a long time I’ve had trouble organsing and executing on the various ideas that pop in to my head. Then in the last year or so I learned that’s due to undiagnosed ADHD, and eventually, Adult ADHD.

Understanding all of that relieved some of my stress, allowing me to begin utilizing the knowledge I have gained from my extensive experience in education, technology, security, and unintentional writing, and focus on refining it into a final product.

So today is the ‘soft’ launch of Informatic.ai and it’s associated podcast, “Empowering Your Digital Future”:

Welcome to “Empowering Your Digital Future,” the podcast that offers expert insights and practical tips to help you stay safe and secure online.

Each episode is a bite-sized, easy to understand discussion on the latest trends, threats, and best practices in the world of cybersecurity and technology use. We explore a wide range of topics, including data privacy, cybercrime, identity theft, online fraud, and more.

if you’re looking for expert insights on cybersecurity, tech, latest trends and best practices, tune in to “Empowering Your Digital Future” today!

I started podcasting back in 2003, with “The Posithink Podcast”, which, structureless (and we now know why, of course) eventually lost direction and blithered out. Now, about two decades later, I’m ready to try again.

Have a listen, won’t you?

The week in review

This week I’ve started back at work after two weeks off. It takes about a week to completely flush things out of my head and actually focus completely on family and other projects.

The saga continues to get the car completely imported to Spain. Even though we kicked off the process last year, it needs some work done to pass the ITV – which includes putting EU fog lights in the front and rear of the car. We found a good garage but it takes a fair old bit of time to get there. I only really have Fridays to work on this, and a half day at that, so it’s taking longer that expected.

I’ve been battling the second week of a winter cold as well this week which really bites. Lots of coughing and not being able to breath through my nose. Not covid but probably flu.


I watched ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery‘ the other week and really enjoyed it. I followed up this week watching the original ‘Knives Out‘. I watched it when it came out but felt it was worth a revisit for the pacing and cast. I do love an ensemble cast.

Speaking of ensemble casts, I’m up to season five of The Office (US). I never really had an opportunity to watch it when it originally aired as I was living im the UK. It’s funny to be watching this after watching Brooklyn 99 – there are similar beats throughout.

I was surprised to see that there’s a Pokémon TV app available for the Nintendo Switch. We found it advertised in a recent card pack and downloaded it for free. You can watch just about every single episode of Pokémon in there, including the seasons that are no longer available on Netflix.


Apart from my regular Friday night Rocket League game with my friends, I started revisiting the Batman Arkham games on the Steam Deck this Christmas. I had long wished to replay Arkham Origins, but it’s been missing from all the Arkham collections over the years due to being made by two different game publishers. Chronologically it takes place before Arkham Asylum. I’ve seen it available to play on PlayStation’s streaming service but even with a high speed line and a decent tv, the prospect kind of sucks. I was pleased to pick it up for a couple of Euros from CD Keys last month instead.

On top of that I’ve got Rollerdrome for quick plays. The gameplay is like Jet Set Radio meets SSX with the fast-paced shooting I’m used to when I played Quake. The art style is vibrant, gritty and with a minimal palette. I love it.

On occasion I’ll pick up Vampire Survivors, but I have a real dopamine addiction problem with that game.

We rounded off the week with a trip to the beach, to fly our kite and get our feet wet.