How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying!

The drive behind learning how to code has never been more prevalent than it is today. We see it being introduced in school curriculums the world over, along with online initiatives, coding camps and clubs. We’re part of a technology and information-driven economy, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The message is clear: we have to make sure that we are all prepared for the future.

The jobs we may hold in the future probably haven’t been invented yet for many of us, and the same can be said for the coding languages we might use to program our smart homes, safety drones and personal robots.

That’s where “How To Think Like a Coder” comes in. Rather than teach any one particular coding language (and run the risk of becoming obsolete), it draws parallels to the natural world, logic puzzles and parlour games – all the critical thinking skills a budding coder needs to get a grip on our fast-paced technological world.


Clear and easy to follow – and quite fascinating! … It really is an excellent guide, well presented and engaging in its simplicity; an encouraging way to get to grips with coding, suitable for everyone.

– Parents In Touch