Jim Christian
Jim Christian is a London based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and developer. He consults on digital strategies, writes tech curriculum and is a co-founder of FireTech Australia, a technology camp teaching kids how to make awesome things and build 21st century skills.
Things of note:
- 1st Runner-up Educational Author Awards 2018
- British Computer Society Charter Member
- Certified Ethical Hacker
- Fully ordained Reverend of the Universal Life Church
How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying!

How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying is a back-to-basics guide on coding for absolute beginners, whether adults or children – no prior experience required!
Computers are all around us, from traffic lights to cash machines – it just takes a little common sense to work out what makes them tick, says this bright illustrated guide, which shows that you don’t need to have computing experience to know how to code.
Full of puzzles and exercises suitable for all ages that will help you think logically, work within constraints and deconstruct problems, it turns everyday situations into opportunities for coding.
Designed to be a thorough yet lighthearted introduction for the complete beginner, How to Think Like a Coder is an essential addition to any keen programmer’s bookshelf.