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Book Aid International “Book of the Month” – How to Think Like a Coder Without Even Trying!

I’m incredibly delighted and proud that Book Aid International has chosen “How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying!” as their Book of the Month:

“The fun exercises it includes can easily be done at home, in the library or the classroom without the need for a computer. As a result, this book will be an invaluable resource for community libraries and schools that do not have ICT facilities (or even electricity) but which want to give young readers and learners the opportunity to keep up with their counterparts across the world.”

Copies of “How to Think Like a Coder…” will be distributed to many of their partners with community library networks including the Uganda Community Library Association’s libraries.
Book Aid International works with public, community and prison libraries to ensure the books they provide are available to all without discrimination. They also work to increase the support available to people as they begin to read by training librarians and teachers.
More information on “How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying!” is available here and here.

Speaking at the Bradford Literature Festival 2019

I will be taking part in the Bradford Literature Festival next month, and speaking about How to Think Like a Coder and some other coding-related topics:

Bradford Literature Festival was formed in 2014 to create a cultural and literary extravaganza celebrating the written and spoken word. The festival curates an atmospheric blend of voices, combining the work of leading writers, performers and poets with emerging talent. In 2017, over 350 events took place across 10 days, capturing the hearts and imaginations of more than 50,000 people.

We are passionate about education; inspiring a love affair with words and boosting literacy is at the heart of all our public and schools events. The festival’s schools initiative, which runs alongside the general programme, holds free events for students throughout the Bradford District. In 2017 our events engaged and inspired more than 12,000 young people.

It promises to be a great opportunity – really looking forward to it!

Update to How to Code in Minecraft

Over on my subdomain, minecraft.jimchristian.net, I’ve posted some new instructions for connecting Scratch up with Minecraft via Python and the RaspberryJuice plugin. For those of you who have recently bought the book and are looking to get started as soon as possible, the good news is that you are no longer constricted to Minecraft 1.6.4 and can now use 1.12 like everyone else!
Read more at minecraft.jimchristian.net.